Natural, sustainable and handcrafted products with a story.

Featured Product: No100 The Minimal

Let me introduce the No100 The Minimal. With its minimal design and eye for details, this bag is a superhandy day-to-day item. It easily fits your personal items and because of the leather, this item will only get better by time.

Length: 25 cm
Height: 18 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
With adjustable strap
Closes with button stud with screwback

How it’s made

My idea behind Nightingale-Studio is to create products that have and create a story of their own.

I really love to work with my hands, to feel the materials I work with.
To make the products with attention to the process and authentic craftsmanship.
These beautiful natural materials celebrate the natural process of ageing and only becomes better by using them.

We love the leather material we work with! Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide.

Dried grasses

Every year when autumn makes its appearance, I look forward to see the transience of nature.
To see all greens of summer disappear into the beautiful neutral tones.

I especially love the color of dried grasses because it blends so well with every color.
And when seeing the weed waving on the wind it really calms me down.

Every time when making a walk outside, I take some grasses with me (I can’t help it).
I think to keep that feeling of waving grass close to me.
Inside my home you can find dried grasses on several places.

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