Natural, sustainable and handcrafted products with a story.

Our Story

Nightingale-Studio, for natural, sustainable and handcrafted products with a story.


he focus of Nightingale-Studio is on thoughtfulness in design and create useful products that make sense.
The craftsmanship and attention to details plays a big part in our workshop in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands.
Nightingale-Studio products are handmade and made in small quantities.

We love the leather material we work with! Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide.
Because leather is a natural product, it will only get better by using them.

Nightingale-Studio was created with a renewed vision on design.
With the latest events that took place around the world and the high speed of our current society, I decided it was time to reflect.
With Nightingale-Studio I have a place to go for a more natural and minimal way of designing.

I really love to work with my hands, to feel the materials I work with.
To make the products with attention to the process and authentic craftsmanship.
These beautiful natural materials celebrate the natural process of ageing and only becomes better by using them.

My idea behind Nightingale-Studio is to create products that have and create a story of their own.
In a world where overproduction and -consumption seems to be commonplace now, we urgently need a new vision.
I think the focus should be more on products that are sustainable and long lasting.

Nightingale-Studio is a design platform which inspires you in very different ways. Both for interior products as for interiorstyling and advice. Also for homestaging you are at the right place.

We also like to inspire you trough our different social media channels.

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